Bama, Stumpy, and the Italian Martini Shaker






By:  Motorcycle Tim

Sometimes a road trip starts with an obscure phone call. Mine happened sometime in October of 2014. My best friend of 25 years, Joe and I were talking as we do every couple of weeks, when the subject of my new bike came up. He asked what I was going to do with the 1999 Bassa I owned. I said, well I could sell it to you and you could fly up and get it. Then we could do a road trip from N Idaho to Alabama. He agreed much too quickly, but since my purchase of a new 2012 Moto Guzzi Norge, had made the garage a little crowded, it seemed like a good idea. A plan was hatched.

As the weeks and months rolled by I talked with Joe on a regular basis, sending him pictures of the bike to drool over. I think he even sat on the barstool in his kitchen with his helmet on, making motorcycle noises……wooden……wooden. He purchased jackets gloves, and all the related safety riding gear he would need as he patiently waited for spring to arrive here in the frozen northwest. The plan was for him to fly up a few days early so I could give him a refresher course. Remember, even though he had an older Moto Guzzi El Dorado in his garage, Continue reading

The Old ’76 House

The Old ’76 House

By Kie in NJ

ky with helmet (Large)

It started out as a normal day when prepping for a show. Had a huge concert coming up with 140,000 people in Philadelphia for a two-day music festival. The show called for three different stages set across the Ben Franklin Parkway in Philly and in order to coordinate that amount of equipment, people, and logistics so that everything doesn’t fall apart Continue reading


I was nearing the bottom of my “Honey Do” list as I put the last sprinkler head in the lawn. My wife came out with a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face and these words. “Honey, you’ve worked so hard why don’t you go for a ride tomorrow? That was all I needed. I called Motorcycle Tim and he needed a break from counting all his money. We chatted. Our plan evolved into a ride North to Creston BC…have a burger and then find a different route home. Continue reading

Motorcycling to ART

Motorcycling to ART


Hopefully you will be entertained by the following story. Any of you who follow my travels know that these stories are part travel guide, part social commentary and best of all, part fiction. As always some of the highlights have been exaggerated to make for more interesting reading……enjoy.


First off let me clear the air. Motorcycling to ART is not any of the following.

  • Riding your bike to an art show.
  • Riding your bike to see a guy named ART.
  • Riding your bike while drawing or painting.
  • Riding your bike while doing ballet.

It is what some of us in Idaho do every year. A group of us motorcycle instructors get on our motorcycles and ride to the beautiful state of Oregon to ride in circles on a go cart track. It’s called Advanced Rider Training…ART for short. More on this later.


Sometimes I really love my heated riding gear. Today was definitely one of those days. With the morning temperature hovering around 33 degrees as I pulled out the driveway, my heated gear was on high. My heated grips were set on “toasty”…that’s the setting in between “cold and clammy” and “roasted digits”. Heading south from the little berg of Naples, Idaho US95/2 is a road I know only too well. The first 20 miles bring you into Sandpoint, and the next 40 bring you into the thriving city of Coeur d’ Alene (CDA). I had decided to only take 2 lane roads on this trip…no super slabs for me unless I am really crunched for time, or there is something in particular that I want to see.

I took my trusty Honda ST1300 on this trip. The bike (Astro) is a mile eater and as with any Honda mostly trouble free. That’s not to say that a Honda can’t break down, but it is a rare occurrence when you do all the proper maintenance and perform a thorough T-CLOCK inspection before leaving. Sometime in the past, I nicknamed the….to continue reading download the pdf.   Motorcycling to ART

1973 and the Great American Freedom Machine

Untitled-1        Summer of 1973

For those of you who weren’t alive in the late 60’s and early 70’s, this was a time for great turmoil for young draft age American males.

In February 1965, President Lyndon Johnson launched a policy of escalating the American military presence in Vietnam. Although President Kennedy had already sent 16,000 military advisors to South Vietnam in 1963, Johnson ordered aerial bombing of North Vietnam, followed by Continue reading

Waz from Oz Riding Route 66

Warren LeMans shirt jacket May2011b

In September 2014, “Wazza” from Sydney, Australia (Waz from Oz), travelled Route 66, plus some extra, on a 1979 Moto Guzzi G5. The origin of the trip started back at my 40th high school reunion in 1972 when a bunch of us decided to do Route 66 the following year (2013) as part of our bucket list. The bunch of heathen thought it would be cool to do it on Harleys; but, I proudly proclaimed I would rather do it Continue reading

Motorcycling Big Bend National Park, 1979


Big Bend                                                                                May 1979

There were a lot of events that happened in 1979. From golfer Nancy Lopez winning 8 National Ladies Tournaments, to Frank Peterson Jr being named the 1st black general in the Marine Corps. It was the year that Iranian students supporting the Iranian Revolution took over the US Embassy in Tehran, holding 52 US citizens for what would ended up being 444 days, and the year that a little known radical by the name of Saddam Hussein executed 22 political opponents and took over the government of Iraq. This is also the year that Mart and I planned what would be our first motorcycle trip together. Since we would be married in a couple of months we had planned this trip albeit hastily, for the Memorial Day weekend, in the end of May. The projected temps in the Big Bend Park we advertised as “low 80’s” with a daily breeze to cool the desert heat. As we would find out later, this was probably written by the Marathon Texas Chamber of Commerce, and should apply to the month of March. We made our plans to strike off westerly, in search of adventure. Continue reading

Motorcycling Hawaii 2014

Motorcycling Hawaii
February 2014

Hopefully you will be entertained by my ranting’s while I was on vacation in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Most of the names have been omitted because I didn’t get their permission to use them. I do however; have no problem plastering their pictures all over the interweb without their names.


As usual I have turned off the spell check and sentence structure features on my computer, just to make it more interesting. Most of the incidents recalled here are real, but sometimes embellished to keep you the reader awake while reading. Enjoy.

 The following story is told according to real events that actually happened… from my perspective, but may not be recalled exactly; or even similarly from others who participated in the same vacation.


Continue reading